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News of auditions for our March 2018 production of Daisy Pulls It Off

ACT's March 2018 production at Alsager Civic is Daisy Pulls it Off by Denise Deegan, and open auditions are being held at Alsager Library on Monday 20th and Wednesday 22nd November at 7.45pm. If you are interested in taking part, but cannot get to the auditions, please phone Daisy's director Maree Thorpe on 01260 276165. Performance dates are 7th to 10th March.

 Here is some information about the play from Maree:

 “Daisy Pulls it Off is set in 1927 and is a spoof of the boarding school novels of Angela Brazil (before your time) and Enid Blyton (likewise for some). Always, a plucky heroine faced opposition from the school ‘baddies’ and triumphed against all odds: Daisy is such a one. But so frightfully good and honourable in all things, their language so excessive, she and her fellow schoolgels are unintentionally highly amusing. The plot is stuffed with every device found in the originals, and is delightfully incredible.

ACT is looking for cast of 13 (2 males and 11 females): men to play the parts of Daisy’s father and a Russian schoolmaster, plus women and girls of all ages to take on the roles of Daisy's mother, teachers (one with an outrageous French accent), and pupils at the school. There will be a certain amount of fun doubling up! We are also looking for 2 young girls to act as scene changers and non-speaking pupils.

Everyone is welcome at auditions, whether or not you are an experienced actor.”